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After getting a nearly $5000 quote from VW Orland Park for a repair, I sought out a second opinion and found Lars. His quote was HALF the price. But the thing I value most from Lars is their honesty. I have so much trust in them, because of how real they are. He will be upfront and tell you what you really need to get done like ASAP, what repairs can wait, and what's not needed. I'm in a position where I don't know a lot about cars, so he could have easily told me I need things that I didn't, which I know VW Orland Park did to me. Lars on the other hand is so trustworthy.

Also I found their service to be really quick, and Lars is great at explaining thoroughly what repairs are needed, and customer service is great!

We ended up using Lars for my husbands F250 too, and as expected, outstanding service and repairs!
I HIGHLY recommend Lars!!

— Kim M.

I was in need of service I could trust and Lars was highly recommended to me by a clkose firned who is also a famos drag racer. I was very impressed atr the quality of work and plan to have Lars provide me years of worry free driving.

— Lee D.

Great work, great people. Work was completed on time. Great prices. Lars and his team always make me feel at home and go above and beyond what is expected.

— Anonymous

Exellent and thorough customer and shop service. Lars dagnosed and quickly repaired the problem. I appreciated the call before the work was started to assure that I understood what would be done. It was nice to receivve a follow-up call a couple of days after the work was done to inquire how the car was running.

— Jeanne L

One word cannot describe this legendary off the charts friendly automotive center. I would have to add words such as, honesty, knowledgeable(of many different models of cars) and most of all, very reasonable. Lars and the staff, hands down, the best bunch of mechanics around this area to give it to you straight. No bull$$it!!! I personally found Lars Automotive a few years back, after being screwed by one too many dealerships, and haven't change car centers yet. I would definitely recommend 5 stars.

—Urbano L.

I cannot say enough nice things about Lars Automotive. The service is awesome. They go above and beyond any car place I have ever went to. I was having issues with my car and had it at a few other places that just were not helping at all. Brought it to Lars and it was fixed. He said he wasn't going to stop till it was fixed. I was leaving for out of town the next day on a 8 hour trip to Wisconsin.

Lars went above and beyond by contacting me when I was gone to make sure the car was running right. He even checked on the car while he was in the emergency room to make sure I wasn't stranded. What car place does that, NO ONE!! Everyone at the office is amazing and super nice. They make you feel so comfortable. They still check to make sure everything is good. I will never take it to anyone else again. Just a amazing shop with amazing people to help you. Can't say enough positive things!!!!

—Dana J.

I got tired of being ripped off by taking my car to the BMW dealership and heard Lars was very good. I actually thought they were excellent! Friendly service, gave me an estimate and stood by the estimate. Got the car repaired in a timely manner. I've gone back to Lars twice and each time felt they did an excellent job at a reasonable price. It runs better than it has in the last year.

I have a 12 year old Z4 and asked Lars to look it over and help me decide whether to keep it or, if it needed a lot of work, to sell it. He did a thorough job and he even looked up technical service notes. He gave me honest facts and thought the car was in good shape. It's great knowing we have such an excellent mechanic in the Mokena area

—Laura L

do most of my own repairs to my 1967Jaguar E Type but every once in a while things come up that are beyond my abilities. Lars is the ONLY one I trust to do the work. These guys really do know what they are doing when it comes to vintage cars. Believe me that is a becoming a lost art. You can trust they will do it right!

— Pete R

Lars and his staff are top notch. Great people to do business with. He’s really helped me out with my old Jaguar. Thanks so much!

— Doug W